Metzler Mentor Program Requirements

Program Requirements and Responsibilities:

  • The Metzler Mentor Program is a two year committment with a new class starting every January. Each class includes 6 mentors matched individually with 6 proteges.
  • During the first year, the class meets once per month and works together to explore and disuss topics related to authenticity and personal identity, professional development, commuinity service, and civic engagement.
  • During both years, mentors and proteges will meet at least one additional time per month to continue the group conversation, and explore personal goals and issues.
  • The class may occassionally decide to participate in community events or volunteer with local organizations. These opportunities are voluntary.
  • Proteges should be resposible for scheduling individuals meetings and asking about additional networking opportunities, as well as setting agendas or discussion topics for individual meetings.
  • Mentors should actively identifiy networking or shadowing opportunities such as board meetings, neighborhood meetings, and fundraisers. Generally, mentors should consider themselves financially responsible for costs associated with protege attendance or engagement.
  • During the length of the program, mentors and proteges must be members in good standing with the chamber. Proteges are also required to pay an additional $250 program fee.


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